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    Reconstructing Memory: Ouyang Chun’s ‘The Mortals’ at ShanghART Gallery

    Luise Guest talks to Ouyang Chun about his work, career and latest exhibition…

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    Know my name, MONA sadness, Barney Rubble, Happy little trees + more!

    Friday Degustation: tasty morsels…

    No winners, artists you love to hate, museum of forbidden wonders + more!

    Friday Degustation: served piping hot!

    Venice FOMO, fake Whiteleys, Blue Ridge Moon, curating as caring + more!

    Friday Degustation: serving suggestion only?

    Rodney Pople’s Imagined Histories

    In advance of the opening of Rodney Pople’s new series Shell Shocked at Australian Galleries in Sydney, Andrew Frost’s full and unexpurgated essay for the show tackles the controversial painter’s take on the mythology of ANZAC…

    It’s Archi time, Bell in Venice, space art, a living wage for artists + more!
    We Need to Talk About the Archibald Prize…

    Eliza Underwood takes a look at the perennial problem of Australia’s most popular annual art contest…

    From the crypt, Empyrean, reassessing artists, excavating earthworks, Kubrick, being rich is awesome, mega city one + more!
    Steve Warburton: history, ambiguity, monuments

    In advance of his new solo show at Melbourne’s Tacit gallery, Steve Warburton talks about ambiguity, metaphor and history…

    MONA in full effect, art life before social media, giant cheese wall, keep your stinking charity + more!
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